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Sylcount® IV LO

Sylcount® IV LO works with Microsoft Word versions 2003, 2007 & 2010 32 bit full version only, not Word 2010 Starter

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Note You need to have Internet access in order to install Sylcount® IV LO.


Print these Instructions

Sylcount® IV LO*


*DO NOT DOWNLOAD TO YOUR DESKTOP - Save file to a folder on the C: drive

**Before installing this program, Vista and Windows 7 users need to disable the User Account Control in Control Panel. Select User Account/Family Safety, User Account, Change User Account Control Setting. Uncheck box or select Never notify.

System Requirements

  • Internet Access required for installation only
  • Microsoft Word 2003, 2007 or 2010 32bit full version only, not Word 2010 Starter
  • Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista 32&64/Windows 7 - 32&64
  • Internet Explorer (must be default browser for installation only)
  • 800 X 600 minimum screen resolution
  • 20MB of space on drive C

March 2010


ScIVLO for Microsoft Word

This text file, ScReadMe.txt, is copied during installation into your
Sylcount product directory for your convenience and you can find it
in your "Program Files" directory under the "Sylvan" subdirectory.



System Requirements
Installation (for CD installation, skip #4 & #5)
Quick Start Instructions for Running Sylcount IV
Installation Troubleshooting
Product Authorization Notes
Privacy FAQ's

System Requirements :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Intel PC with Pentium (586) or later processor,
Windows 98 through Windows 7.
Microsoft Word 2003, 2007, 2010
Please see Special Instructions for Windows Vista / Windows 7 prior to downloading and installing.

Installation ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

1) If you are running Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional,
Vista or Windows 7 you may need to log into your system as Administrator.

2) To install Sylcount, it is best to close other programs.

3) Establish an Internet connection if you are not already on-line.

4) Click on the download link to download and save the Sylcount installer,
ScIVLO20.exe to your C: drive or a folder on C: that does not have Windows
security blocking or user rights issues. Internet Explorer allows you to choose
the target location for the download. Using your mouse pointer, choose the
folder for download. (Example: c:\temp).

5) When the download is complete, close Internet Explorer. Vista and Windows 7
users refer to Special Instructions below before proceeding.Locate the folder where
you saved ScIVLO20.exe. Right click ScIVLO20.exe, choose Properties and Unblock
the file if necessary. Select Apply. Next select the Compatibility tab under Properties
and uncheck the box if a Compatibility option is selected. Windows 7 users will also
need to select "Change Settings For All Users" and uncheck the Compatibility box if
it is checked. Select Apply and OK to close Close the dialog box and double click on
ScIVLO20.exe to run the installation program. Enter the order #, product ID and password
that you received in your Sylvan Product Authorization email. Sylcount IV will self install to
Program Files\Sylvan\ScIVLO or Program Files (x86)\Sylvan\ScIVLO.

6) Reboot your computer.

7) Click the Start button in Windows, All Programs, double click the Sylcount IV Lines Only
icon to start Sylcount IV Lines Only. Note Regarding the Demo version: If you purchased a
download on-line and have not yet received your email, you can leave these boxes blank for
now and the product will run for approximately 30 days. When your Sylvan email arrives, run
the ScIVLO20.exe file again, select the "Upgrade" option, and enter the registration information
while on-line. IMPORTANT: ScIVLO must be registered to continue to run after the initial "Demo"
period of approximately 30 days. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR WINDOWS VISTA AND
WINDOWS 7.Open Control Panel, select User Accounts & Family Safety, select User Accounts,
Change User Account Control Settings. Turn off by unchecking the box in Vista or drag the scroll
bar to Never Notify in Windows 7.

Quick Start Instructions for Running Sylcount IV :::::::::::::::::::::

Once Sylcount IV is successfully installed, you can run it by going to Start in Windows, All Programs,
Sylcount IV and selecting the icon to start the program.

(1) Select the Program Info and Misc. tab at the top of the screen. Sylcount Help is available under this tab.
Vista and Windows 7 users may need to download a program from Search
for winhlp32.exe and follow instructions as directed by Microsoft.

(2) Select the Invoice Header tab and enter your business name, address and phone number if you want it to
appear on your customer Invoice.

(3) Setup your counting options by selecting the Setup Counting Rules tab and filling in your counting rules.

(4) To count files, click on the Select and Count Files tab. Select the drive letter and directory until
you locate your files. Select one file at a time by double clicking or All Files. To deselect files, double
click on the selected file to remove from the counting session. Next, click on the Count Selected Files
button. For complete instructions, please use the extensive Help files under the Program Info and Misc.
tab or the ? icon.

Uninstalling ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

To Uninstall ScIV Lines Only, do the following steps:

1) Establish an Internet connection if you are not already on-line.2) You can either start Uninstallation by running the
ScIVLO20.exe program in the folder where you downloaded that file or by selecting "Sylcount IV Lines Only Edition"
in the "Add/Remove Programs" utility in Windows Control Panel.

Installation Troubleshooting :::::::::::::::::

Generally, installation of Sylcount IV Lines Only is trouble free. However, there are a couple of
issues that can sometimes cause problems, mostly having to do with the security settings for
your system. Sylvan respects your security measures and the installer takes no actions to alter them.

1) The installer must write some values to your system Registry to tell Word that the Sylcount is available for use.
Be sure that you have full Administrator privileges on your system during installation.

2) Some system security software, while properly doing its job, can prevent the installer from writing the necessary
Registry entries and even prevent the writing of needed system files. You may want to disable such software for
the few minutes it takes to install Sylcount IV Lines Only. However, the User Account Control in Vista/Windows 7
must remain off in order for Sylcount IV Lines Only to run.

3) Product registration via the Internet can sometimes be blocked by Firewall software. If you are using a
Firewall you will need to allow the "InstallShield Setup Engine" to have access to the Internet, for just a few
moments, during both installation and uninstallation. If you are connecting to the Internet through a proxy
server, be sure that theproxy's firewall and content screening will allow connection to the Sylvan server.

4) During installation you may receive an alert regarding a cookie. This is a session tracking cookie only
and contains neither personal nor tracking content and should be allowed.

5) The "Demo" mode of this software may not run properly except when you are logged into your system
as Administrator.

6) Non-Administrator Users, Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7- If you are trying to use Sylcount
from a Log-In account other than Administrator, you may have to make adjustments to your systems
security settings. You will need to grant Read, Write, and Execute Permissions to the
/Program Files/Sylvan/ScIVLO folder for the User(s) or Group(s) that you want to be able to run Sylcount.
Sylvan Software does not offer advice or support regarding changing and setting your system's
security settings. However, there are several excellent books available from Microsoft Press,
that can guide you through the process.

Product Authorization Notes :::::::::::::::

The ScIV Lines Only requires registration via the Internet to operate. While the number of times
the same product can be registered is limited, Sylvan has made every effort to preserve your
allotted registrations so that you can move the software to other computers as needed.
When you Uninstall ScIVLO, be sure to establish an Internet connection. The Uninstaller
will automatically contact the Sylvan Registration Server and attempt to restore your
authorization to the database. Then, when you reinstall the software on another system,
it will be there for you to use again.

Privacy FAQ's :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Your on-line product registration information is not shared by Sylvan
Software with any other party. Sylvan provides no information about you
to any other companies nor is your product registration information
used for any marketing or tracking purposes.

During installation, Sylvan does not collect any personal information
from your system other than a few items about the hardware and operating

Copyright 2010, Sylvan Software, All rights reserved.

Microsoft Word for Windows is a Registered Trademark of Microsoft Corporation.